Loyalty Points Explained.

At Toy Vending Supplier we are commited to customer excellence, not only that we appreciate your business so much, we reward you with loyalty points. You will  receive 1 loyalty point for every £1 spent on vending products each with a value of 1p per point.

Loyalty points are awarded to each online order and can be redeemed or banked on future orders. Once you have saved enough points it is possible to make a vending order for free!
Loyalty points are attached to a successfully completed order so if an order is amended or cancelled the loyalty points will also be re-calculated or cancelled.
Your collected loyalty points are displayed within your account, along with all your order details once your order is completed and dispatched. Simply click on 'Sign-in' at the top of any page to then access 'Your Account'.

Your loyalty points will last for 3 months after your last order. So for example if you have 5000 points and you last order was 1 month ago - you have 2 months left to use your points. If you placed an order today your points will be extended for a further 3 months.