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Chupa chups

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Chupa Chups® has worked throughout its history to bring happiness to children of all ages. With there plan to continue this work chupa chups combine a strong sense of tradition with contemporary creativity and innovation.

Chupa chups is a high quality confectionery product, this is intrinsic to the brand. Over 4 billion chupa chups are sold each year in over 150 countries making chupa chups the worlds favourite lollypop. All this started humbly back in the late 1950's after Bernat ( the founder )  witnessed a child being told off by his mom for having stcky hands while eating boiled sweets, the eureaka moment began when he came up with the idea of putting boiled sweets onto a stick. Hey presto chupa chups were born.

At " Novelty Toy Supplier " we buy chupa chups in huge volume, almost each week we ship out 50,000 chupa chupa lollies equal to approx 2.5 million lollies sold each year thorugh our warehouse.  Our bulk buying ensures we can pass on great savings to our customers.