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Capsules 90mm

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Here you will find our bulk vending section for 90mm capsules. Please note machines which are vending capsules of 86mm upto 100mm will 99.9% be compatable.

 As a general rule, machines set to take these size capsules have a despensing wheel approx 120mm wide which is designed to acccept vending capsules from 86mm upto 100mm. If in doubt, please ask and we are more than happy to help.

 We buy our capsules in huge bulk to ensure we can offer you the most competitive rates possible on our vending lines, take a look round the shop at the range we stock to ensure maximum sales through your machines.

 At " Toy Vending Supplier " we are always looking to add new vending lines to the portfolio, keep comming back to see whats new on our website