Midland Vending Supplies, also trading as Toy Vending Supplier.co.uk  was founded in February 2004 by Mike Sheppard and as grown quickly through reputation to be one of the market leaders in the novelty toy vending industry.

 Having started with only 2 superette toy vending machines back in the early days of 1989 I noticed the possibilities were endless, its just a numbers game, the more coin operated machines I purchased, the more I earned! So after getting the vending bug I dedicated all my spare time to buying, locating and servicing novelty toy vending machines which soon paid off although it wasn’t until 2003 when I took the operation full time.

In 2004 I set out to open a vending company which specialised in selling just second hand toy vending machinery, but the demand for the venidng supplies was evident from the 1st machine I sold, he of course wanted it filled. From there midland vending supplies began to develop into the company it is today with a network of operators both in the UK and overseas.”

Midland Vending Supplies believe that high quality novelty toy vending merchandise combined with top brands sell. Our combined buying power coupled with expert buying knowledge in the toy vend industry ensures that you the operator receive fast selling novelty merchandise at unbelievable low prices.

 We supply a wide range of novelty toy and sweet vending machines, empty vending capsules, hi bounce bouncy balls, branded bulk confectionery,capsule lines from 26mm – 90mm, plush toys, flat pack vending tattoos, chupa chups mini, standard and mega, coin operated machinery both new and second hand from leading manufacturers such as beaver, retro stattion, discapa, fiam, 3l luca and brabo, party bag items and a good range of pick n mix bulk bags of confectionery.

 We believe our novelty toys and sweet vending products are the best on the market and all can be purchased today on our online vending shop.